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Scalable eCommerce Platform

Scalable and Integrations friendly eCommerce Platform

Scalable e-commerce Platform


We strive to become a leading provider of e-commerce platforms in the Nordics


A customer-centric approach to deliver value for every customer


HDL Commerce delivers a scalable and integration-friendly e-commerce platform

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A composable B2C Platform built on block


An advanced B2B Solution

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We deliver flexibility without limits

HDL Commerce
The Future of eCommerce Platform

Today it is crucial to find a simple and scalable eCommerce platform, HDL Commerce is the solution for this. During the creation of the platform, the future has been kept in mind. Using cutting-edge technologies to simplify management and growth in the e-commerce industry, HDL Commerce was created. HDL Commerce is an advanced MACH (Microservices, API first, Cloud-native, and Headless) commerce solution.

Searching for a new platform for your B2B or B2C e-commerce business?

A B2C dream


Personalized customer journeys: HDL Commerce uses cutting-edge AI to deliver individual and tailored experiences for each customer to create greater engagement and loyalty.


Omnichannel commerce: HDL Commerce allows your customers to interact with your business across multiple channels – whether it's mobile, desktop, social media or in-store, ensuring a consistent experience across each channel


Happy Marketing Department: Create content like never before with HDL Pagebuild which provides advanced and flexible blocks, modules and settings. You can now make major design changes without having to rely on a developer.

Unlock Your Potential


Scalability without compromise: The HDL Commerce platform grows with businesses and seamlessly handles increased data and transactions as your business expands.

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Unified Commerce Platform: Manage all your B2C and B2B operations from a single interface. The platform simplifies complexity and improves the user experience.


High quality integrations: We build built-in integrations such as marketing, erp, shipping and recommendations

Business critical B2B functions


ERP Integration: HDL Commerce integrates seamlessly with ERP systems, enabling real-time data exchange and automated business processes.


Composable Commerce: HDL Commerce is built on a composable commerce model, which provides increased flexibility through our microservices, APIs and cloud infrastructure.


B2B Customer Centricity: HDL Commerce enables multi-level account hierarchies with advanced order management and custom dashboards that address unique B2B needs.

Composable Architecture: The Foundation of HDL Commerce

HDL Commerce’s unique feature is its flexibility and scalability. Unlike the traditional e-commerce platform, HDL Commerce has a modular architecture where each block can be combined and offers a variety of functions such as managing products, processing payments or helping customers.

This modular design allows companies to select the blocks they need and adapt the platform to their exact requirements. When the business grows or changes, new blocks can be added or existing ones adjusted without the entire system having to be reviewed. This approach makes the platform agile and ready for future changes.


We are here to make a difference with our scalable and integration-friendly platform

At HDL Commerce, we are ready to change the world of e-commerce with our innovative, composable solutions. HDL Commerce is a platform that makes it easy to adapt to the market and growth.

Using the latest technology, HDL Commerce enables businesses to create unique, efficient and customizable commerce solutions.

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eCommerce platform with High Performance

Each component of HDL Commerce workes independently to ensure high performance. This means that regardless of whether there is a high load in, for example, traffic or large sales events, one part of the system will not negatively affect the other components.

This provides two advantages. The first is that companies achieve reliable and stable operations. The second is that customers get a smooth shopping experience without delays, errors or unwanted problems.

HDL eCommerce platform - dashboard

Limitless Design Potential

HDL Commerce lets creativity flow. The e-commerce platform is built in a way that gives companies freedom regarding appearance and design. The platform allows users to be creative in all aspects and thus create unique and special shopping experiences for customers.

Setting New Industry Benchmarks

We understand the problems companies have with old e-commerce systems and we have made a solution that not only solves them, but also prepares for future problems. Our value lies in being forward-thinking and meeting the companies needs.

product categories - HDL eCommerce platform Configurable product - HDL Commerce platform Configurable product - HDL eCommerce platform HDL eCommerce platform - dashboard

Foundation of HDL Commerce

HDL Commerce is based on creating a solution for companies without limitations that arise with traditional e-commerce systems. Due to HDL Commerce’s scalable foundation, it future-proofs users to scale as the company grows.

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Cutting-edge technology

By merging adaptability with cutting-edge technology, HDL Commerce is not just another platform in the e-commerce ecosystem; it’s setting new benchmarks for what a ecommerce platform can achieve.

Configurable product - HDL Commerce platform

Redefine the e-commerce narrative

The HDL Commerce platform, with it´s blend of technological innovation and visionary approach, is poised to redefine the e-commerce narrative. As we journey ahead, we invite businesses to be a part of this revolution, leveraging HDL Commerce’s unmatched capabilities to sculpt their e-commerce success story.

Configurable product - HDL eCommerce platform

HDL Commerce offers a scalable solution

Through HDL Commerce’s scalable platform, it also enables start-ups to be able to build their e-commerce without any obstacles or limitations. With the modular structure, startups can choose components as needed and then grow as the company grows.

HDL eCommerce platform - dashboard

A glimpse into our community

HDL Commerce is not just an e-commerce platform; it’s a comprehensive digital solution that understands retail. From basic functions that simplify operations to advanced functions that improve the user experience. HDL Commerce offers a spectrum of tools designed to optimize and redefine the e-commerce journey.

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“Sail Racing International AB trusted HDL Commerce and Helsingborg Design LAB to bring our vision for a new, future-proof and international eCommerce platform to life. With clear requirements for integrations, country management, products, and a complex channel structure, we saw that the HDL Commerce was up for the challenge.

The result was nothing short of extraordinary. The team created an advanced ERP integration, ensured support for the new OSS EU regulations, and provided a multi-channel structure for global sales. Meanwhile, Helsingborg Design Lab crafted a stunning and innovative design that prioritized conversion, fast loading times, and seamless integrations with Adyen and Klarna.

In August 2022, Sail Racing’s new website was launched, showcasing the expertise and commitment of the HDL Commerce and Helsingborg Design LAB teams.

- Christoffer Iveslätt, Head of E-Commerce Sail Racing International AB

Benefits of HDL Commerce
and a composable architecture

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