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B2B core features

HDL Commerce B2B core features are designed to cover most aspects of a traditional B2B site, including product catalogs, order management and price management to mention some – as always customised depending on the business. We are also constantly expanding our portfolio of features and are more than happy to find and develop new solutions to customer specific needs. This along with seamless integration and composable architecture makes HDL Commerce the perfect partner for any B2B e-commerce business. 

Platform Management

Order Management

Price Management

The Adaptive and Composable
power of HDL Commerce

Features of HDL Commerce

Our features can be seen as more than just tools, they are the highway for B2B e-commerce companies to create efficient and easy e-commerce experiences for their customers. While HDL Commerce also provides standard functions and tools, our platform’s true strength lies in its composability – meaning that the features, tools, and requirements can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer. HDL Commerce is thus a perfect platform for those that want to build the imaginary Lego blocks in a mix between basic functions and new, exiting features in order to distinguish themselves from the mainstream and instead gain attention, increased sales and expanded business. 



Seamless Integration

While offering great features and advanced tools is important, HDL Commerce strongly believes that the most important factor for success is to be able to make all of the features work together, and especially when those features are to be accompanied by other third party integrations. We have therefore put a lot of effort into creating powerful integration capabilities, ensuring a smooth and cohesive system.

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Upcoming features

The features HDL Commerce offers will continuously be updated according to evolving industry needs, market trends and new exiting projects with current and new customers. We are constantly listening to our user community as well as observing global trends to bring features that aren’t just new but truly transformative for the e-commerce industry. We like to think that possibilities are endless and by working closely together with our partners we can (and will) truly make a difference in the e-commerce landscape of B2B retailing. We are already working on a range of new upcoming features – were all of them aims at not only filling a gap in the current setup but also offer technological improvements in regards of industry standards.