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Seamless integrations & ultimate compatibility

In an age where businesses deploy a multitude of software solutions, the real power lies not just in having advanced tools, but in making them work harmoniously together.

HDL Commerce is engineered to be the most
compatible e-commerce platform in the industry

HDL Commerce platform seamlessly integrates with various third-party systems

At the heart of HDL Commerce is an integration friendly setup in order for businesses to easy be able to scale up (or down), that might add, change och that already have CRM software, accounting tools, inventory management systems or perhaps marketing platforms. What we offer is an easy and seamless integration process, no matter how many or what kind of integrations that needs to be done.

In other words: We are built to be the most compatible e-commerce platform on the market! 



The Power of compatibility

hdl commerce computer

With HDL Commerce you will experience simplified e-commerce integrations with the outcome of easier and more seamless work processes internally but also a faster and overall better experience for your customers. The extended integration capabilities enables e-commerce businesses to use different programs and tools that work the best for their specific needs along with the core features of HDL Commerce in order to create a tailor-made experience. 

What we offer:

In-house integration: No need for an external integration tool in order to link different systems together. 

Custom integration: No matter if you want to integrate a well-known global system or a niched tool to our platform, HDL Commerce got your back!

Unified User experience: HDL Commerce’s interfaces adopt smoothly to the tools you integrate- providing you with a seamless interface. 

Data Compatibility: HDL Commerce supports data formats from the common such as XML and JSON, to specialised industry formats. By this we make sure that your data flows easily between different systems!

Device Compatibility: With a responsive design and adoptive functions, we guarantee a seamless e-commerce experience on desktop, tablets, smartphones and even smartwatches. 

Integration made easy - with scalability in mind

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HDL Commerce is built with scalability and easy integration processes in mind, hence we have: 

Open APIs: Together with guidelines and examples, our library of open APIs ensures that our developers can connect any third-party application or tool.

SDKs and Developer tools: In order to simplifying the process of custom integrations we provide software development kits for popular programming languages. 

Plug-and-Play Modules: HDL Commerce also offers pre-built modules for tools like PayPal, Stripe, HubSpot, and Mailchimp – easy integration with a few clicks.

Integration guidance: Step-by-step guidance for even complex tools, making integration as easy as can be.

Seamless data sync and business process enhancement

HDL eCommerce platform - dashboard

CRM Systems

Customer relations manager tool (CRM) helps e-commerce businesses to understand their customers behaviours, or at least connecting the dots between a customer’s action and the reason behind it. In what situations do customers abandon their carts? What pages are they lingering on to on the site and what triggers them to an actual purchase? With a CRM tool one can track and collect data on customer interactions in order to create relevant marketing strategies and personalised offers. 

Built for integration: HDL Commerce is built for being integrated with external CRM companies and is also partners with Voyado and Recombee in order to be able to set a super fast integration process for e-commerce businesses that uses CRM tools. 

Comprehensive Integration Hub: HDL Commerce serves as your comprehensive integration hub, connecting your e-commerce operations with a wide range of third-party systems. Whether it’s CRM systems to manage customer relationships, secure payment gateways for hassle-free transactions, or logistics partners to ensure swift and reliable delivery, we’ve got you covered.

Efficient integration: HDL Commerce will serve as a unified, efficient e-commerce solution that streamlines your operations as well as interfaces.

User-Friendly Experience: We understand that a user-friendly experience is paramount in the world of e-commerce. That’s why we’ve designed our platform to ensure that your team can easily manage and monitor all aspects of your business operations. Whether you’re tracking orders, analyzing customer data, or optimizing your marketing campaigns, HDL Commerce provides you with a user-friendly interface that simplifies your daily tasks.



product categories - HDL eCommerce platform

ERP Systems

ERP systems helps to automate business processes and operations and due to it being a critical business software, companies tend to not want to change this system unnecessarily. HDL Commerce is therefore built on the premises that integration needs to be fast and easy no matter what ERP system that is used. With HDL Commerce one can expect a seamless connection as well as a streamlined business operation. 

Customisable Module: Our module is designed to be tailored to fit all ERP systems, ensuring that your special needs are met via HDL Commerce. 

Effortless Attribute Mapping: Mapping attributes between your e-commerce platform and ERP system is made effortless with HDL Commerce. Our dynamic mapping feature simplifies the process, reducing the complexity of integrating your data. This means you can spend less time managing data and more time growing your business.

With HDL Commerce, you’re not just integrating systems, you’re optimising your entire e-commerce ecosystem. Our ERP integration capabilities increases your business efficiency and accuracy, needed to thrive in today’s competitive market. Experience the power of seamless integration and elevate your e-commerce operations with HDL Commerce.

Our Integration Partners

Even with all the features and functions existing under the sun, one can still need a partner and helping hand. HDL Commerce is of no exception and strongly believes that we are stronger together! We are proud to present the businesses that has chosen us as much as we have chosen them as partners. 

Integrations, API & Compatibility of HDL Commerce

HDL Commerce’s focus on integrations and scalability is, according to us, the recipe for success. And when we succeed, so do the e-commerce businesses using our platform. We are continuously rolling out new exiting features and tools and are constantly working on improving our current ones. What we are the most proud of is however our capabilities to make all of the tools, functions and third-party solutions to work harmoniously together in one platform – making the workflow streamlined and enhancing the user experience.

Improve your integration experience

Versatile Compatibility


Broad Data Support: Can interpret a wide range of data formats including XML and JSON, ensuring smooth data transfers.


Adaptive User Experience: Dashboard and interfaces adjust based on integrated tools, ensuring consistent UI/UX without any clashes.


Multi-Device Support: Uniform experience across desktops, tablets, smartphones, and even smartwatches due to responsive design.

Developer-Friendly Integration


Open APIs: A rich library that allows effortless third-party tool connections, backed by comprehensive documentation.


Simplified Custom Integrations: Availability of SDKs for popular languages and a marketplace full of pre-built modules for platforms like PayPal, HubSpot, and more.


User-Friendly Integration Tools: Step-by-step wizards for smooth integrations and a dedicated support team for integration assistance.

Enhanced Third-Party Integration


Ecosystem Integration: Third-party tools are seamlessly integrated into HDL, maintaining data sharing protocols and user access controls.


Continuous Compatibility Monitoring: Regular checks to ensure third-party tool updates do not hamper their functionality.


Customizable Integration Paths: Options for integrating niche or proprietary software, allowing businesses to customize HDL Commerce to their needs.