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B2C Core Features of HDL Commerce

HDL Coommerce for B2C offerts a wide range of features, making the platform a suitable choice for any type of e-commerce business. Our core features sets the base of industry standards and covers the needs of most businesses. By observing both current and what we believe will be future trends on the market, as well as by incorporating feedback from partners, we have created a library of features that suits both basic and special needs. While HDL Commerce provides a foundational overview using standard functions and tools, our platform’s true strength lies in its composability. This means that all features and requirements from B2C e-commerce businesses will be tailored to meet their specific and unique needs. 

Our core features can be divided into multiple subcategories based on the different aspects most e-commerce sites uses, everything from product catalog to checkout and order management. With this said, we are constantly working on new features to add to our core. We are also happy to discuss the best way forward as well as develop new features based on specific customers needs and wants.

General Features

Product and Catalog Management

Content Manager System (CMS)

Marketing Functions


Order Management


Analytics & Reporting

Seamless Integration

In our opinion, one of the most important features of a modern e-commerce platform is it’s capability of integrate and “play well” when it comes to both internal tools and external partners. One could have the most advanced tools but if these do not work harmoniously together then the end product risk to not fulfil the customer’s needs and/or be a pricy mess for the e-commerce business to figure out. With this in mind, HDL Commerce is built with extended and seamless integration capabilities!

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Upcoming features

HDL Commerce aim to be the leading B2C e-commerce platform provider and in order to reach this goal we believe that we need to break the barriers and reimagine e-commerce itself. Without our highly esteemed customers and partners we will never be able to reach our goal but together we can create new features that simplifies processes, increase conversion rates and that are cutting-edge on the market. 

With this said, we do already have some upcoming features, each and every of them aims at improve the user experience and empowering e-commerce business like never before.