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Tailored for diverse industries, Powered by a unified back-end

No matter industry, HDL Commerce can (and should) be your e-commerce platform provider. Due to our tailor-made approach and multipurpose solutions HDL Commerce suits every e-commerce retailer in every industry. Let your frontend reflect your brands personality and distinct yourself from competitors in the same industry, powered by a single, efficient backend! 

Global Commerce for Local Success

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Expand your global reach with multimarket mastery

Unlock new business horizons with our powerful multimarket features tailored for industries. Efficiently manage multiple fashion stores with a unified back-end system. Create unique product catalogs and customize marketing for diverse markets using duplicate themes

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Simplify Fashion Management

Stay ahead in the retail and fashion industry with our intuitive tools that simplify handling intricate fashion products. Seamlessly meet customer demands and extend your reach from BTC and B2B to marketplaces, physical stores, and social media using HDL Commerce’s open APIs. Our lightweight, feature-rich PIM simplifies managing colors, sizes, styles, variants, SKUs, prices, and collections, all within HDL Commerce.

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Optimize Sales Across Channels

Seamlessly navigate the omnichannel landscape and boost fashion sales. Showcase products on top marketplaces, social media, DTC, B2B, B2C, and more while efficiently managing orders on a unified platform. Elevate customer experiences with HDL Commerce’s open APIs, integrating web pages, mobile apps, in-store displays, and cash registers.

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Win Local Hearts with Personalized Checkouts and Pricing

Tailor checkouts and pricing to resonate with local customers, boosting your brand’s global presence. Incorporate local payment methods, delivery choices, and location-based pricing for improved conversion rates. Customize checkout experiences by offering local payment methods, delivery options, and region-specific price lists, optimizing PSP routing for enhanced conversions.

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Seamless e-commerce solutions for every industry

Leading fashion brands rely on our cutting-edge technology to maintain their competitive edge. Our dynamic and customizable solutions enable fashion brands to showcase their collections in the most engaging manner, ensuring constant captivation of their audience. In today’s rapidly transforming retail landscape, our platform empowers businesses to stay ahead of the curve. Brands place their trust in us to deliver seamless e-commerce experiences, consistently exceeding customer expectations.

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As a premium brand, many e-commerce companies face many challenges with their current e-commerce platforms. It could be that the existing e-commerce platform is outdated and lacks the features required to support the companies’ growth plans.

HDL Commerce is fully customizable for both small and large e-commerce businesses. The platform meets the needs and requirements companies have with its feature-rich user interface. We ensure this through a well-thought-out development process starting from the design phase and functional improvements through several iterations to ensure that the final product meets the company’s expectations.

Among other things, HDL Commerce has helped the traffic-heavy e-commerce site Sail Racing. In June 2022, Sail Racing launched its new website, built on the HDL Commerce platform. The new website has seen a 40% increase in sales so far, and the project has been deemed a huge success. They also broke their record in season sales in Sail Racings history.

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The choice to move to the HDL Commerce composable commerce platform has been a wise one for many companies. Composable e-commerce enables a more flexible and scalable e-commerce solution, which means that retailers can quickly and easily add new functions as needed. In addition, the close collaboration with the HDL team ensures that the platform meets all the company’s needs and supports their growth plans for the future.

HDL Commerce is a future-proof and international e-commerce platform. With clear requirements for integrations, country management, products and a complex channel structure.

HDL Commerce enables companies to create an advanced ERP integration, ensure support for the new CIS EU regulations and provided a multi-channel structure for global sales. While there is the opportunity to create a fantastic and innovative design that prioritizes conversion, fast loading times and seamless integrations with Adyen and Klarna, among others.

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The advantages of Composable Commerce

Experience the advantages of composable commerce. Rapidly deploy new products and features. Construct a leading headless e-commerce platform with top-tier integrations and deliver the ultimate shopping experience your customers demand. To truly grasp the potential and importance of any platform or solution, it’s paramount to understand whom it’s intended for. HDL Commerce, with its groundbreaking capabilities and visionary outlook, has been crafted with a distinct set of businesses and individuals in mind. We deliver a seamless, localized customer experience from one back end to multipel audiences.


A platform for everyone

Growing E-commerce Startups

Are you a Growing E-commerce Startups? The initial stages of your business journey are filled with hurdles, from acquiring that first customer to scaling your operations. Enter HDL Commerce, your partner in growth. Our scalable solution is tailored for startups like yours, enabling you to start small and expand seamlessly. With our modular structure, you can select precisely what you need right now, and as your business flourishes, our platform grows with you. No more frequent system overhauls - just a path to success.

Established Retailers

Established retailers, is it time to conquer the digital frontier? Venturing online comes with unique challenges - integrating offline inventory, managing both online and offline sales, and maintaining a consistent brand image across platforms. HDL Commerce understands your needs. With our robust integration capabilities and customizable design features, we ensure a smooth transition into the digital realm. Your brand's legacy meets the future of commerce.

Niche Boutique Brands

For boutique brands offering exclusive, niche products, the presentation is as crucial as the product itself. You need a platform that grants you the freedom to showcase your offerings in a way that aligns with your brand identity. HDL Commerce offers limitless design potential, empowering you to craft a unique narrative around your products. Let your brand's story shine through, captivating your audience like never before.

Enterprises with Global Ambitions

Are you a global visionary in the business world? Enterprises with ambitions spanning borders require an e-commerce solution that can adapt to diverse markets, handle high traffic loads, and seamlessly integrate with third-party tools. Enter HDL Commerce - built on a foundation of stability and scalability, making it the ideal choice for expanding your digital presence across the globe. Scale without limits, reach every corner.

Innovators and Trendsetters

Are you at the forefront of digital commerce innovation? The landscape is rapidly evolving with trends like AR-driven shopping, virtual try-ons, and AI-powered recommendations. HDL Commerce is designed for pioneers like you. Our platform supports and enhances your innovative efforts. Stay ahead of the curve, free from technological constraints. Embrace the future of commerce with HDL Commerce.

Established E-commerce Business

If you're an established e-commerce business that doesn't fit into these categories, challenge us to see how HDL Commerce can benefit you. If your current platform no longer aligns with your ambitions, partner with us to elevate your success. HDL Commerce understands your unique challenges and offers a platform designed to elevate your success. Partner with us to empower your business for new heights.