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Drag & Drop Builder

Craft captivating content with ease. With our function of Drag & Drop, adjusting pages and categories is as easy as can be. The function also makes it easy to get an overview of the content on site.

Global Templates

Reusable components for consistent branding. Global templates are your brand's toolkit for maintaining consistency across digital platforms. These reusable components ensure a unified and professional brand identity. This consistency builds brand recognition and trust, enhancing the overall customer experience.


Engineered for optimal search engine performance. In today's e-commerce landscape it's all about standing out, ranking higher, and driving organic traffic. HDL Commerce enables this with fast loading times, strategic keyword integration, easy and SEO friendly content creation, performance analytics and mobile optimisation.

Content Evolution

Versioning with rollback capabilities (Coming Soon).

Limitless Design Customization

Modify designs through templates. In order to stand out from the rest, e-commerce businesses need to find their own voice and reach their target group with it. HDL Commerce offers limitless design customization in order for you to stand out from the competitors.

Product-Centric Content

Create engaging product landing pages. The Product-Centric Content empowers you to create captivating pages that showcase your products effectively. Highlight features, offer detailed descriptions, showcase images, and include customer reviews.

Content Management System (CMS) of HDL Commerce

HDL Commerce offers an easy way of managing the digital content on site with a Omnichannel Content Delivery approach, making it possible for you to create a seamless brand experience for customers.