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HDL Commerce Platform

At the base of all of our features we have our HDL Commerce platform, a state-of-the-art foundation for any e-commerce. Equally easy to understand and use, our platform handles your needs with ease. HDL Commerce true strength lies in its composability.

Admin Control & Oversight

A permission system with designated roles and user hierarchies. Detailed logging of all administrative actions. HDL Commerce have extended the concept of admin control to the next level with our cutting-edge permission system. Our platform makes it possible to add different types of permissions to different user responsibilities, making it possible for different teams to focus solely on their expertise area and without stepping on each other's toes. It's organised synergy at its best.

Support of Multilingual & Multi-Currency Setup

Support for multiple languages and currencies. We've taken the complexity out of going international, making it effortless for you to expand your reach and captivate audiences worldwide. HDL Commerce empowers you to break through language barriers with ease with multiple langugages supported. WIth our platform you can also tailor your pricing to resonate with customers in their local currency, removing the friction that comes with currency conversion.

Channel Management

Seamlessly manage both internal and external sales channels. HDL Commerce supports e-commerce businesses to seamlessly oversee and coordinate its sales operations across multiple avenues, enabling a uniform workflow and branding throughout internal and external sales channels.

Advanced Taxation

Define tax rates by location, product group, or customer cluster. HDL Commerce tax management system customize and set different tax rates for various geographical areas, categories of products or services, or specific groups of customers, which allows businesses to comply with complex tax regulations, provide accurate tax calculations, and optimize their tax strategies.

Site Navigation

Easy and comprehensive management of menus for intuitive site navigation. With us it is straightforward to create, organize, and update menus, resulting in a user-friendly and intuitive navigation experience for website visitors.

Performance Enhancements

Product and inventory indexer. Be able to create and maintain a structured database or index of products and their associated inventory data in order to efficiently manage and organize product information and inventory levels.

Media Management

Media manager for all multimedia assets. With HDL Commerce Media Management we give e-commerce businesses a structured way to find and save their assets to use on site.

Elasticsearch Integration

Accelerated search capabilities. Elasticsearch is designed to store, search, and analyze large volumes of data quickly and efficiently, resulting in a robust search functionality and real-time data. analysis.

Optimal Speed

Full Page Caching for seamless user experience. A slow page is one of the biggest conversion killers for e-commerce businesses. HDL Commerce have a strong focus on making sure that every second counts and delivers therefore an instant loading speed. Full page caching also help with effortlessly handle any surges in traffic without overloading servers; feel comfortable in arranging flash sales or launch new products with a stable site. A fast site is also beneficial for search engines and boosts SEO rankings, amongst many other advantages.

General Features of HDL Commerce

Some features are equally necessary no matter industry or business. At HDL Commerce our general features provides you with best practice options in order to set a stable foundation for your e-commerce site, providing a seamless shopping experience and managing the various aspects of any e-commerce operation.