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Our Success Stories: Diving Deep into Real-World Solutions

We invite you to explore a selection of our most impactful projects, showcasing our commitment to excellence, innovation, and tangible results. Each case study delves into the challenges faced by our clients, the solutions we crafted in collaboration, and the outcomes that transformed their operations.

Whether you’re a potential partner, an industry enthusiast, or just curious about our work, these case studies provide a comprehensive look into our methodology, our ethos, and our unwavering commitment to client success. Dive in and see the difference we make.

Dogman Care

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Comprehensive booking and management system

Berkeley Shirts

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Expanded market reach, improved customer loyalty, and simplified cross-channel marketing

Sail Racing

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Higher efficiency, increased sales, and boundaryless commerce.

Dogman – Launching Soon

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Increased sales, growth and modernisation.

Jacson – Launching Soon

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Taking the next step internationally with HDL Commerce

Ruugs – Launching Soon

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Taking the next step moving away from Magento

Some of our customers

Their trust drives us, their feedback shapes us, and their success is the story we’re proud to share. Meet the businesses that chose us as partners on their journey to greatness

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“Sail Racing International AB trusted HDL Commerce and Helsingborg Design LAB to realize our vision of a new, future-proof and international e-commerce platform. With clear requirements for integrations, country management, products and a complex channel structure, we saw that HDL Commerce was ready for the challenge.”

- Christoffer iveslätt, Sail Racing