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Dogman Care

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Managing online bookings of service, choose store and receive confirmation email

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User-friendly and easy to manage for both customers, store workers and HQ

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Dogman Care - Specialised Services for Animals

Dogman Care offers offering a range of specialised services for animals, including claw cutting, dog washing, and pet grooming. All services are performed in-store, with centralised and distributed control, giving different levels of access to meet the unique requirements of each store.

With the HDL Platform, customers are able to easily make a booking online, with all information seamlessly passed to the specific store. The Dogman headquarters team have central control over all stores, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for end customers.

The goal was to create a simple and user-friendly booking platform that is easy to manage and maintain for both administrators, users, and customers. From the initial booking to performing the service and everything in between, our solution streamlines the entire process, providing a hassle-free experience for everyone involved.

Our Solutions and what we built

In order to manage all different aspects and functions needed, we ended up building three different interfaces depending on user as well as a comprehensive calendar system.

Screenshot 2023-10-03 at 21.18.24 Screenshot 2023-10-03 at 21.20.06 Calendar - default - weekly Screenshot 2023-10-03 at 21.21.18


The heart of the Dogman Care setup is the booking calendar. The calendar is twofolded where it externally functions as a place for customers to view available time slots and place their booking while it internally is the go-to view for all bookings and services to be performed.

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At the base of the entire platform is the Admin Platform. This view is controlled by the HQ of Dogman Care and it is from here different stores and service worker-accounts is created. It is via the admin platform that the website can be managed and updated as well as new services and stores can be created. it is also from here store opening hours are to be managed.

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The store workers uses this site in order to view the calendar and hence keep track of the bookings and services they are to provide. From this view the store workers can view their own and their colleagues bookings, they can manage and add new bookings as well as block time in order customers to not be able to choose a particular time.

Calendar - default - weekly


This is the view from the customers, wanting to book a service in a specific store. Customers enter the site, chooses service and store as well as manage their bookings from here.

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Challenges faced:

Calendar Interfaces:


Since the entire system evolves around the calendar and its different functions, one of the challenges faced where how to make the calendar easy to manoeuvre and understand, while it still had to hold multiple functions, users and services.

Changes in Needs of Calendar:


Creating a calendar and booking system with unique features depending on store and worker was more or less impossible to 100% set a scope of before it had been tested firsthand by the store users. Changes and realisations in needs was thus a challenge to work around.

Seamless Booking Flow:


Create a booking flow that covers every step, dropdown, message, and popup, ensuring a smooth and seamless process for end users as well as store workers and HQ.

Unified yet Independent Site

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With Dogman Care being a side-part of Dogmans core business, there was a challenge in providing a solution that was independent of the current e-commerce platform, yet integrated and unified from both a customer point of view and in regards of the workload of maintaining the sites.

Flexibility VS. Structure:

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One challenge we faced where flexibility contra structure of the calendar. On one hand there was a distinct need for the calendar to provide structure and clear framework based on the time slots of the services and the store workers work schedules, on the other hand the store workers using the platform on a daily basis needed the program to be flexible for different customer cases.

Roll Out Live Version:


With over 40 stores to implement the changes from Bokadirekt to HDL Commerce, the learning curve was steep to say the least. We solved this by rolling out the launch to a few selected stores at first.

Results: Calendar

Screenshot 2023-10-03 at 21.18.24

The calendar function played a pivotal role in the booking system, and as such, it presented a series of challenges that needed to be addressed. The primary objective was to create a calendar that struck a balance between flexibility and structure while ensuring it had a user-friendly interface with a wide range of functions, accommodating various users. Achieving this goal required a process of trial and error.

However, the end product ultimately succeeded in delivering an efficient and user-friendly calendar function. Service workers, who are at the core of the booking process, now have the ability to mark specific times on the calendar as unavailable. These are the times when they do not want customers to be able to book a service. This level of flexibility empowers service workers to manage their schedules effectively.

At the same time, customers benefit from a streamlined experience. They can easily access the calendar, view the available time slots at their preferred store, select a service, and complete the booking in just a few simple steps. This user-centric approach simplifies the booking process and enhances the overall customer experience.

Moreover, the system doesn’t end with the booking. Service workers are also given the flexibility to make changes to bookings as needed. They can cancel appointments, reschedule them to a different time, or even assign the booking to a colleague if necessary. This adaptability ensures that the scheduling system is responsive to real-world demands, allowing for adjustments when unforeseen circumstances arise.

In summary, the challenges encountered in developing the calendar function were substantial, but the end result is a highly functional and user-friendly tool. It empowers service workers with control over their schedules while providing customers with a straightforward booking process. Additionally, the system’s flexibility allows for easy modifications, ensuring that the scheduling system remains adaptable and responsive to changing needs.

Results: HQ

Screenshot 2023-10-03 at 21.20.06

With HDL Commerce the Dogman Care HQ are able to maintain and control the bigger picture of the business.

Our comprehensive platform equips Dogman Care HQ with the tools necessary to efficiently administer and nurture the growth of their multiple stores and services. What truly sets our system apart is the level of control and flexibility it grants HQ. Here’s a closer look at what HDL Commerce brings to the table:

1. Scalability and Growth: With HDL Commerce, Dogman Care HQ has the ability to effortlessly expand its business. The platform allows for the creation of new stores and the addition of various services. This adaptability ensures that the business can grow and evolve without being limited by its e-commerce infrastructure.

2. Customized Service Management: HDL Commerce empowers HQ to tailor their services to the specific needs of their diverse customer base. They can assign particular service workers to specific services, ensuring that customers receive personalized attention and expertise. This level of granularity contributes to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

3. Pricing and Service Transparency: HQ retains control over pricing and service information, ensuring transparency for customers. This means that customers can easily understand the services offered and their associated costs. This transparency builds trust and confidence in Dogman Care’s offerings.

4. Operational Hours: HDL Commerce enables HQ to set operational hours for each store. This feature effectively defines the boundaries of when services are available, ensuring that customer expectations align with the actual operational hours. This synchronization with the calendar function streamlines operations and enhances customer satisfaction.

In essence, the power of HDL Commerce lies in its ability to simplify the complexities of e-commerce management for Dogman Care HQ and similar businesses. It provides a centralized, robust platform that offers control, organization, and adaptability. This not only streamlines operations but also enhances the overall customer experience, making it a valuable asset in the world of e-commerce management. With HDL Commerce, Dogman Care HQ can confidently maintain and steer the bigger picture of their business towards continued growth and success.

Results: Store and Service Workers

Screenshot 2023-10-03 at 21.21.18

In today’s fast-paced world, any platform or website managed by store and service personnel needs to be exceptionally user-friendly and intuitive. These individuals often find themselves juggling multiple tasks in real-time, from assisting customers on-site to handling inventory and operational logistics. This leaves very little room for complicated booking systems. That’s where HDL Commerce’s store site truly shines, as it has been meticulously designed to be foolproof and incredibly user-centric.

Navigating our platform is a breeze, requiring only a few simple clicks to access, modify, or create bookings. This level of simplicity and ease of use ensures that store and service personnel can efficiently manage their booking systems without missing a beat. We understand that flexibility is key in this industry, and that’s why we provide users with the tools and options they need to effortlessly handle existing online bookings and seamlessly add new ones for customers visiting in-store.

With HDL Commerce, we prioritize user experience, ensuring that store and service personnel can focus on what matters most: providing exceptional service to their customers. Our platform simplifies the complexities of managing bookings, enabling businesses to thrive in the dynamic world of e-commerce.