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Product Variability

Manage simple to complex products in different sizes and colours or other variables needed. No matter if you are a reseller or manufacturer, if you have 10 or 1000 products, HDL Commerce will cater to your specific needs when it comes to categorise products into different variables.

Attribute Flexibility

Unique attribute sets are tailored and created for specific product niches. HDL Commerce enables e-commerce businesses to handle and manage a wide range of product attributes, characteristics, and variations efficiently and therefore adapt to the evolving needs.

Strategic Pricing

Be able to set tiered pricing for varied customer groups, such as retailers and dealers. Create an added value for customers by offering them different pricing groups depending on purchase amount, package deals or depending on customer groups.

Advanced Inventory Control

Optimize your inventories and supply chain processed with HDL Commerce Advanced Inventory Control. This level of control goes beyond basic inventory management and involves leveraging advanced tools, technologies, and strategies to improve accuracy, efficiency, and profitability for e-commerce businesses.

Dynamic Image

Real time image processing and resizing. As soon as an image is uploaded the system quickly process and manipulate it without causing delays for users while the system at the same time also resize images dynamically.

Media Excellence

Manage high-quality images, videos, and rich media for unparalleled product displays. When selling products online one of the main difficulties are the absence of getting a thorough look on a particular product. With this in mind, HDL Commerce offers a great way of displaying products, with a resolution and quality that is as high as possible - It's almost as if the viewer hold the item in their bare hands.

Product Search & Filtering

Empower customers to effortlessly and efficiently find what they seek.HDL Commerce make it easier for customers to locate products that match their specific preferences, needs, and criteria.

Data Management

Import/export product data from/to various sources. HDL Commerce enable e-commerce businesses to import and export their data, such as product data, into and from the platform and other programs. With HDL Commerce there is no need to abandon other business partners or to redo routines that works.

Global Reach

Localization tools for translations and region-specific pricing. Tailor online stores pricing to specific regions or markets in order to provide a personalized and culturally relevant shopping experience to customers in different parts of the world.

Category System

Manage and organise products with a dynamic category system. HDL Commerce allows businesses to efficiently categorize, structure, and present their products to customers, enhancing the shopping experience and helping users find what they are looking for.

ERP & CRM Integration

Seamless data sync and business process enhancement. HDL Commerce ensures that all data sources, whether they're in-house databases, cloud applications, or third-party systems, synchronise seamlessly in real-time.

Responsive Design in Mobile

Responsive designs ensuring captivating mobile shopping experiences. With a responsive design in mobile e-commerce companies will increase mobile conversions rate, improve search engine optimization (SEO) and provide optimal and user-friendly shopping experience for their customers.

Pricing Intel

Monitor price histories. With our Pricing Intel e-commerce businesses can cater to the Swedish regulations regarding the lowest price where one need to state what the lowest price has been for a product that has been sold within the last 30 days, before any price reduction had been made.

Category Spotlight

Dedicated landing pages for product categories. Dedicated landing pages for product categories are essential elements of an effective e-commerce strategy. They enhance user experience, improve product visibility, support SEO efforts, and provide opportunities for merchandising and personalization.

Size Guidance

Adaptive size charts. Improve sales by helping customers to choose the right size of any clothing or interior piece when it is not possible to try or inspect the item in person.

Product Association

Link related products for enhanced marketing. Use related products as a function to pay attention to what previous customers have purchased together with a specific item. To use product Association is a great marketing tool to increase additional sales to a e-commerce site.

Product & Catalog Management Features of HDL Commerce

Product and catalog management in e-commerce involves efficiently organizing and presenting products to enhance the shopping experience. It includes creating organized product listings, optimizing product details, and maintaining accurate inventory levels. Effective management of product catalogs ensures customers can easily find and purchase products while enabling businesses to streamline operations and grow their online presence.