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November 24, 2023

Black Friday: A kickoff for holiday shopping season

According to a report from Svensk Handel, Black Week has increasingly become the kickoff for the holiday shopping season, with 7 out of 10 consumers indicating that they will commence their Christmas gift purchases during this week.

Nets’ survey conducted in collaboration with YouGov also reflects this trend, revealing that 59% of Swedes plan to shop during Black Week, a figure not far from the statistics observed during the pandemic year of 2020.


Economic Dynamics

Due to inflation and high interest rates, consumers’ purchasing power has been eroded recently, further fueling the urge to shop during this year’s discount period. A noteworthy 5% of those intending to shop during this period state that they plan to buy all their Christmas presents – double the figure from 2020.

Svensk Handel conflicting figures, with economic reasons cited as the deciding factor for nearly 35% who will not be shopping during the period. A significant percentage in both surveys also indicates that this year, they plan to completely abstain from buying during Black Week due to environmental concerns.


Top Categories

Among those planning to make purchases during Black Week, the following five categories are leading:


  • Clothing and Shoes: 47%
  • Electronics: 46%
  • Beauty and Health Products: 32%
  • Home Decor: 28%
  • Toys: 25%



Contrasts and Consumer Behavior

Black Week is anticipated to be a season of contrasts this year, where consumers hold onto their money tightly while being drawn more strongly to enticing deals for the same reason. Regardless of the intensity of the rush, HDL Commerce boasts a stable, secure platform with the capacity to handle and provide a strong user experience for all visitors.


Stable platform during intense periods

Whether it’s the bustling Christmas rush, Black Week, or other large-scale campaigns, a scalable platform that can easily adapt to increasing traffic and business growth is essential. Having a flexible and customizable solution is crucial to meet the varying demands of these hectic periods and ensure smooth operations regardless of the circumstances. 

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