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Unified Commerce

Seamless Shopping Experiences with Unified commerce

What is Unified Commerce?

What is Unified Commerce?

Unified commerce, or unified commerce solutions, is a way of doing business in retail and e-commerce that blends all sales channels together for a smooth, consistent, and unified shopping experience. Unlike the old way of treating physical stores, online shops, mobile apps, and other selling methods as separate things, unified commerce breaks down those barriers to make a single, integrated shopping system. This means customers get a more seamless and connected shopping journey.

Unified Commerce means connecting your systems into a digital ecosystem, with full transparency between all the channels. We at HDL Commerce can deliver and connect all systems you need for your digital commerce and customer dialogue. All roles in the company are given the full 360° view in one common interface, which is adapted to the business processes. Our experience and passion for e-commerce ensure that you get the solutions and results you need to succeed with your digital commerce.



The four components of Unified Commerce

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1. Systems

Because unified commerce integrates all customer-facing and backend systems via a centralized platform, your entire operation is built on one solid foundation that can adapt and scale as your business needs. This reduces the time and resources spent managing multiple providers, improves operational efficiencies, and makes it possible to capture consolidated data insights across multiple touchpoints.

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2. Channels

By unifying payments from every channel into a single platform, it’s easier to securely identify and link shoppers across channels and regions, helping you better fulfill cross-channel purchases, such as endless aisle or click-and-collect options. You can also easily measure your results: analyze how opening a store affects your e-commerce sales in the same area, or see how an in-app loyalty program affects in-store purchases.

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3. Products

Customers should get a consistent view of products across stores and online channels. Store staff should have just as much knowledge of stock availability as warehouse staff do. From shopping online and collecting in-store to buying in-store and choosing home delivery, unified commerce opens up a wider range of delivery options to your customer.

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4. Interactions

Customers expect speed, convenience, consistency, and personalization in their interactions with brands. Unified commerce ensures that customer interactions are securely captured and centralized, so you can easily recognize shoppers across multiple touch points, build a deeper understanding of their behavior, and serve them better for it. For example, a customer won’t have to re-enter payment details every time they shop, and can check out in one click from whichever channel they like.

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Digital commerce is a whole ecosystem, and HDL Commerce knows how to navigate that system to help you reach your business goals. We are e-commerce experts and will guide you in both strategic and technical areas. Our experience and passion for e-commerce ensure that you get the solutions and results you need to succeed with your digital commerce.

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Product Information Management

Think of product information as a strategic and valuable asset, and treat it accordingly. A Product Information Management (PIM) system gathers all product information centrally: technical specifications, basic information and images, as well as textual content you need to attract your target audience. Perfect when you operate in multiple channels!

The same information is used everywhere: in your online store, on the web, in directories and on mobile channels. Changes are handled continuously, so you and your customers can trust that everything is correct.

Why Unified Commerce?

Unified Commerce revolves around placing the customer front and center, with a focus on creating real-time, personalized experiences. Rather than viewing various channels as isolated silos, it envisions all channels as part of a cohesive whole. The primary goal is to provide customers with a consistent experience, regardless of which channel they choose. Seamless transitions between channels during the purchasing journey are essential, ensuring that customers can initiate a purchase in one channel and finalize it in another.

To make this a reality, it’s crucial to keep all sales channels synchronized. Unified Commerce guarantees data consistency across these channels, enabling continuous communication and interaction with customers throughout their journey. This approach caters to individual customer paths, accommodating various touchpoints. By guiding customers from initial contact to the final purchase, Unified Commerce enhances the likelihood that the transaction occurs within your offerings rather than with a competitor.


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