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Launching HDL Commerce 3.0

Join the future of our commerce platform

Launching HDL Commerce 3.0

Scalable commerce platform


A B2B suite is flexible and customisable to your individual needs. The benefits of a SaaS-composable system that gives you freedom.


A customer-centric approach to deliver value for every end customer, powerful marketing and CRM tools for content engagement on top of our B2C base


HDL Commerce delivers a scalable and integration-friendly commerce platform that includes Advanced B2B, Flexible B2C, and integrated PIM functionalities.

Our Offering


A composable commerce platform, decoupled and composable.


An advanced B2B solution with a flexible module structure and an open API packed with needed functionality.


We deliver flexibility without limits

Meet us at D-Congress

HDL Commerce, together with the full team, will be at D-Congress between the 6th and 7th of March. Come by, visit us, and let us talk about the difficulties in modern e-commerce and how HDL Commerce challenges these pain points.

Today, it is crucial to find a simple and scalable commerce platform and solution. HDL Commerce is the solution for just that. During the creation of the platform, the future was kept in mind. Using the right technologies in the right place to simplify management and growth in the commerce industry, HDL Commerce was founded to do what other platforms do not: do the little extra and offer a bit more than what is “plug and play.” We are small, powerful, and deliver exceptional solutions to our clients and their end customers.

During D-Congress, we will be hosting demos, test sessions, and technical talks! Join us.

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Decoupled nature

A decoupled platform gives you the possibility to build and implement a wide range of “best of bread” applications combining the HDL Commerce stack and evolving. A true example of this is combining two commerce platforms under one DXP where they work seamlessly together offering combined functionality and different features powering an e-commerce business journey for end customers in different segments, regions, and solutins to stay compliant and available.

A secure
Private Cloud Solution

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HDL Commerce as a Private Cloud Solution

Security has become essential, and we’ve observed a shift in the Nordic region due to multiple sophisticated cyberattacks. What happens when your platform goes offline? Sales plummet and customer loyalty fades, making it challenging and time-consuming to regain momentum.

HDL Commerce provides comprehensive, private, and dedicated escrow-based solutions for our enterprise clients. We handle the management, maintenance, and security of critical infrastructure, including redundant disaster recovery solutions, both locally and externally. This ensures that we can minimize technical downtimes and remain operational even through the most severe cyberattacks. Our services include fully isolated resources, regional backups, thorough verifications, audits, and high-level security protocols for access control. We are committed to delivering a robust and air-gapped system that is publicly accessible to your end customers.

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The HDL Commerce Connector

45% of the time in a commerce project is indeed spent on integrations, and more specifically, integrations with ERP systems. With the HDL Commerce Connector, we map data and build a middleware that connects the core platform data points with a range of different integrations and partners. With the open API, we open a developer platform that makes it easy for partners to integrate with HDL Commerce.

With our dedicated API and resource team, we also build native integrations to cater to our broader clients’ needs and partner integrations.

This is HDL Commerce

HDL Commerce is a powerful base platform built for full composability. Implement, combine and liv in the HDL ecosystem. Everything from the core bare metal to application to end user expereiences.

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HDL Commerce PIM

A simple, flexible but advanced PIM ready for your PIM operations and workflows ensuring top product quality.

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Product Managment

Deep dive into your catalog with smart features and functions.

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HDL Commerce - CMS

Simple drag and drop page builder to cater every digital content adventure needed.

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Omnichannel distribution

Advanced Omnichannel distribution be it B2B stores, B2c, custom status, and more.

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